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Our Teaching philosophy

With the genesis of our modern courses dating back to 1976, initially through Mike Spry's Fly Fishing Clinics in the Snowy Mountains of Australia, second generation guide and instructor, Will Spry, builds on the treasury of teaching knowlege developed over decades of fly fishing instruction to literally thousands of anglers.

Head Instructor, Will Spry studied a B.Ed at Melbourne University, Australia (1993) and has successfully completed the Federation of Fly Fishing Certified Casting Instructor (CCI) Course (Kalispell, MO. USA 1994) under the supervision of Jim Greene. Thus an in-depth understanding of learning styles and tailoring information for individual needs is something that is truly natural to him. He understands that we all learn in different ways and at varying speeds and what suits one person, does not suit all.

Thus our classes are held in small numbers of no more than 8 per instructor, with the emphasis over the weekend, of cementing the skills and knowledge required for your future development and ongoing fly fishing success and enjoyment, not simply putting large numbers of fish on the shore - you'll be better placed to do this in your own time, in the future. Get this wrong, and we know that you'll be plagued by years of frustration and disappointment, not development, pleasure and fulfilment.

Beginners Course

Beginner - 14 & 15 October 2023

$495.00 per person for two days

Beginners' classes concentrate on getting the hang of the fly cast through the pick up and lay down cast, roll cast and bow and arrow cast, with special "classroom" sessions on tackle options, knot tying, freshwater foods and therefore appropriate fly selection and fly fishing techniques for both still and moving water. On and off water sessions complete the picture and will give you the chance to pit yourself against the trout, with the confidence and knowledge of how to catch trout on your own.

Beginner School PDF

Intermediate Course

Personalised Tuition

Dust off that fly rod and take your fly fishing to the highest level. With the option for some one or two-on-one guiding/tuition you'll really find your fly fishing takes off in just a few short hours. Whilst our guiding mainly focusses on catching fish, with just the bare basics for casting and line control, by working with us, you choose the day, you choose the curriculum and we work together to accellerate your learning so that you can really connect with trout more often. Prices from $1095 per day

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